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About Me


I've come from a background in fashion having grown up with parents and grandparents who were fashion designers and having sold vintage clothing at vintage fairs and London's Portobello. 

The Dorothy dress, inspired by a 1940's original, was borne out of a desire to create a dress which is elegant, flattering, easy to wear, versatile and durable. Many have therefore said that they Dorothy dress is the perfect dress!  The jumspuits came afterwards and again, many have said that the are the perfect jumpsuits!

Where and how though are the garments are made?  They are all carefully cut and intricately sewn in a family run factory in north London.  I love that when women buy my dresses they are also supporting the British fashion industry whilst barely increasing our carbon footprint.

If there's anything you're not clear about or that you want to know more details about please email me at elaine@elainebernstein.com or call me on +44 7771 814681 and I'll be more than happy to answer you!

If you can and want to come to my shop you'll enjoy a unique shopping experience feeling valued, beautiful and confident.  

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Elaine Bernstein

49 Cross Street

N1 2BB


Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm