I think the ability to design beautiful dresses must be in my DNA.

My grandfather was in the fashion business back in the 1950s, my father and three brothers until the 1980s, and then it was my turn.  I had previously had a successful career working in advertising and left to do what I love doing most- helping women feel good about themselves, fashion and vintage clothes.   I’ve sold vintage dresses for over 10 years at London’s Portobello Market and at vintage fairs. This has also helped me to develop a greater understanding of what women want to wear.

‘The perfect dress’ must surely be elegant, flattering, easy to wear, versatile and durable.  And I’ve been told that I’ve created one!

Where and how they are made also matters to me.  I care deeply about the ethical manufacture of my garment. They are all carefully cut and intricately made at a north London factory.  I love that when women wear my dresses, they are also continuing to support the British fashion industry whilst at the same time not increasing the carbon footprint.

Excellent customer service is something I value highly.  All my customers enjoy a unique shopping experience and leave the shop feeling valued, beautiful and confident.