My grandpa Harry Bernstein was in the fashion business in the 50’s, my dad John Bernstein and his brothers Ted, Reggie and Stanley Bernstein in the 70’s and 80’s. Now it’s me in the noughties!  After working in advertising for the first twenty years of my career I left to do what I love doing most, buying and selling dresses!  I’ve been selling vintage dresses for the past 10 years at London’s Portobello Market and vintage fairs which led me to understanding the vintage appeal.  I haven’t done a course in design and fashion, but I know what I like and mostly what women like to wear.   Flattering, elegant and easy to wear is the key and this I hope is what my dresses reflect.
The dresses are carefully made in a London factory as I’m also inspired by bringing manufacturing back to Britain.  This allows me to provide a bespoke and excellent service for my customers..