• Interviewed on "Voices behind the Build Back" Podcast

     I was excited to be a guest on Paul Spiers' The New P & L business podcast mini series entitled "Voices behind the Build Back".  It looked at...
  • Pop-Up shop in Islington

    309 Upper Street Islington N1 2TU We opened on December 3rd and its been non-stop ever since.  In and out of tiers and still the the Islington lo...
  • December pop-up shop in Upper Street opening Wedensday 2nd

    I'm so excited to have taken one of the empty shops in buzzing Islington Upper Street for the month of December.  I've teamed up with three excitin...
  • As featured in The Jewish Chronicle

    I was very proud to be featured in the newspaper that has been such a constant throughout  my life.
  • Life in Fashion's Slow Lane

    Our synagogue featured me in their bi-monthly magazine
  • Local Production Interview

  • Pop-up shop in Crouch End

  • Virtual consultations

    During these times its all about adapt, adapt adapt!   I'm doing virtual consultations which will help you decide your size, your cloth and your co...
  • Local production interview

    Many independent brands are committed to making their clothes in London and Siobhan Shanley capsule wardrobe brand Hhuna wants to explore why we do...